The Principal, Okame technical and Vocational College

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to take an initial peek into the heart that beats behind the appealing facade of Okame TVC. I thank you for your interest in this exceptional institution which has recorded three years of constant development, in the course of which it has accomplished much, making it one of the colleges recognized for its excellence and therefore, much sought after by the fresh applicants.

The Okame TVC tradition happily brings together sound academic achievement with an extensive, vibrant co-curricular programme that includes sports, and leadership training programmes. Our mission is to inculcate the love of knowledge in our trainees and, for this, we aim to develop the skills and demeanor of lifelong ‘learning,’ essential for making responsible global citizens. This will make them immensely capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism. On the deeper level, we try to instil the values of respect and trust in relationships that are the foundation of real success.

At Okame TVC then, we believe that ‘education’ is a wholesome, holistic exercise and as such we strive to give a whole new meaning to the word. Coupling this basic premise with the idea of a sense of belonging to one family—the OKAME family—we look at ourselves as ‘care-givers.’ We care for the mind—ours is a sterling academic institution; we care for the person—the accent is on the all-round development of personality. I wish you the best in the process of seeking to become a part of this family.



Deputy Principal, Okame technical and Vocational College

Okame Technical and Vocational College (OTVC) is one of the newly established institutions that were put up by the Government in each Constituency. It is located in Busia County Teso South Sub-County. The College opened its doors to the Public with the first admissions in September 2020 and had an enrolment of 427 as at the time of closure in March 2020. The college is a centre of Excellence in Mechatronics Engineering and has State of the art equipment in this field courtesy of the Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training. OKame TVC has a total of thirty four (34) qualified and competent trainers, nineteen from Public Service Commission and fifteen on Board of Governors terms.

The office of the Deputy Principal is in charge of the core business of OTCV which has to do with timetabling, training, evaluation and discipline of the trainees.  When students apply to come to OTVC first and foremost they must meet the relevant requirements for admission into the specific programme. The procedure for admissions in the Registrar’s office is then used to complete the admission Process. This helps to ensure that we admit serious students, who will be able to go through the course with ease. For effective training time tables, course outlines, class attendance, quality control forms are prepared and used as per the procedure for teaching. Evaluation is done according to the programme of study. Technical Education Programmes (TEP) and TVET programmes are examined by KNEC while CBET courses are examined by TVET/CDACC.

The Deputy Principal chairs the Academic Committee which comprises the Registrar, The Dean of Students, all Heads and Deputy Heads of Academic Departments. The Academic Committee spearheads all training programmes and courses. The academic Departments and Sections currently in place are:

  1. Mechatronics Engineering (Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical &Electronics,  and Welding & Fabrication)
  2. Building & Civil Engineering (Plumbing and Water Technology)
  3. Information Communication Technology.
  4. Business/Secretarial (Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Accounting Technician Diploma, Secretarial Studies).
  5. Institutional Management (Hair Dressing and Beauty therapy, Food & Beverage)
  6. General Agriculture

The office of the Deputy Principal ensures that term programmes and time tables are made in time and all lessons are taught efficiently and effectively by our lecturers who are highly qualified. The class attendance is monitored through quality control forms to ensure students are well attended to and for any missed classes make up classes are scheduled and covered. As for the students, it is mandatory that they attend classes regularly, do their assignments, continuous assessment test and examinations to the best of their ability.

In conclusion, the office of the Deputy Principal is committed to increased enrollment and continual improvement in the academic performance in all college programmes. To this end the academic committee has ventured into Open Distance and e Learning (ODeL) training to mitigate challenges such as COVID-19. To facilitate this the college is developing the College Website courtesy of the Board of Governors. Finally, in line with the TVET Act (2013) this office is committed to ensuring access, equity, relevance and quality in all academic programmes and courses offered to achieve the Government Vision 2030 and the Big 4 agenda particularly in manufacturing, Housing, Food security and Universal Health Care.

Ms Carolyne Kwedho



Registrar, Okame technical and Vocational College

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Okame Technical and Vocational College. The College is striving hard to have qualitative improvement in the level of education, environment and economy of the country.  Our objective is to become a leader in providing world class education of post-secondary courses supported by extra-curricular activities for all round development of our trainees. Okame TVC is committed towards providing highest quality training. We hope that the inspired trainees, under the guidance of dedicated trainers and a far-sighted leadership of the top administration would lead this college to a coveted and recognized position in the galaxy of higher education in the country. We are committed becoming synonymous with excellence, innovation, honour, integrity and outstanding quality and service.

Always, we keep our vision, goal focused ensuring reach greater heights in the days ahead. Our primary objective is to enrich and support our trainees, individually, in his/her endeavour towards the attainment of knowledge, skills, attitude and wisdom to apply that knowledge in coherence with the aims and ambitions of the individual in particular and for the greater good of human kind in general. Industries and renowned institutions are always welcome to collaborate for Research and Development, Training, Attachment and Internship activities with trainees and staffs.

In regard to the trainees, who are our main stakeholders, we look forward to a healthy working relationship where dialogue becomes the pillar of our understanding. We remain open to your deserved needs and our focus will be to make you an all-round graduate ready for the market and responsible citizens of this great country.

All the best as you purpose to join us.



The Dean of Students

Okame Technical and Vocational College is the best academic destination for quality education because the training is skills based and trainers are dedicated towards their work. There is a good relationship between trainers and trainees, administration and other staff members.

The office of the dean of students is primarily concerned with student’s welfare while in the institution. The office is committed to help all students to reach their full potential by encouraging them to engage in critical thinking and self-reflection in order to foster personal growth.

The office coordinates and offers most students welfare programs and services in the institution which include;

  • Organizing proper utilization of all students recreational activities
  • Oversees organization of students government, clubs, societies
  • Arranging regular consultative and orientation meetings with the students, H.O.Ds and the Principal
  • Maintain records for students leave out sheets
  • Co-ordinates core curricular activities
  • Keeps records and correspondence for students welfare

As the dean of students my vision is to see the institution grow to have hostels for both male and female students.

I would like to encourage parents to bring their sons and daughters to Okame TVC as they will never regret and to the trainers and staff to maintain the cordial and consultative relationship they have.