Board of Governors

Board of Management

Okame Technical and Vocational College is managed by Board Of Governors appointed by Min. Education State Department of Vocation and Technical Training. The Board is committed to leading the institution to greater heights. It shares the country’s vision 2030 and the big four agenda in ensuring that the institution becomes part of the vision and help the country in achieving it. The BOM is committed in resource mobilization for the institution to ensure that it achieves its vision and mission.


  1. Dr. Ojakaa david – chairperson
  2. Mr. Charles Marumbu – secretary/principal
  3. Mrs. Nyongesa Loice
  4. Ms. Kilwake Stella
  5. Mr. Ekasiba O. Robert
  6. Ms. Asoyong M. Mercy
  7. Mr. Lagat Charles
  8. Mr. Okware Chrisantus
  9. Ms. Wekesa Martha – CDTVET

We welcome partners to join hands with the BOG in changing the face/image of this institution.