Electrical Engineering

On behalf of all our staff and trainees in the Department of Electrical  Engineering at Okame Technical and Vocational Collage (OTVC) I am delighted to welcome you to our web page.

Provision of knowledge, skills and competencies is critical for the development of hands-on workers and a skilled human resource base for national development.

The Department of Electrical Engineering currently offers a wide range of academic programs at diploma, certificate and artisan level. To educate trainees with the ability of applying theory to practice, research and disseminate knowledge, the curricula are designed based on a foundation of integrated, systematic engineering knowledge as per the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) regulation. The approach we take on training and learning include both competency and curriculum designed while promoting best practices. Our trainees are equipped with strong analytical capabilities, the latest in cutting-edge technologies, and the skills for innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers Diploma in Electrical engineering, Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, Certificate in Electrical engineering, Cetificate in Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical installation Level 4 and Electrical installation Level 3. These technological programmes have contributed immensely to students’ success in line with the government’s Vision 2030

To further learn about the undergraduate and graduate degrees offered in the School we invite you to explore the web pages of the departments to get additional information on our programmes, curricula, admission requirements and courses offered, and discover more about our School, staff and students.  I also encourage you to visit campus and learn first-hand the many advantages of a School of Engineering and Technology education.

Mr. Musalia Brian Usagi, EBK Grad. Engineer

Head of Department Electrical Engineering, Okame TVC